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The dough cloth for effortlessly removing leftover dough


Smelly cleaning rag full of dough? Dough residues on bowls, kneading tools and hands that are difficult to remove?


All of that is a thing of the past with the Teiger.


The dough improves the cleaning experience and will increase your enjoyment of baking and cooking.


Does the problem sound familiar to you?

Are you a professional or hobby baker?

Then you surely know sticky and bad-smelling cleaning sponges or cleaning rags.
All of that is a thing of the past with the Teiger.

Are you curious?

Then keep scrolling!


Application examples:


Gentle cleaning of all baking utensils


The dough cleans efficientlyBaking Utensilsand even yourshands.

The special clothcleans quickly, cleanly, without leaving any traces. Let your kitchen utensils and appliances shine in new splendor.


Cleaning dough hooks and all baking and cooking accessories

Baking and cooking accessories are often difficult to clean due to their properties or texture.

The dough maker masters every challenge with a perfect result.

All-rounder - versatile.


The tiger rises to every challenge. In addition to dough residues, the dough maker removes oneVarietyat othersstubborn dirt. fruit and vegetables cangentlybefore processingcleanedbecome.

Last but not least: They too fingers and handsbecome with the doughclean quickly and water-saving.




Made in Germany


The dough is made exclusively in Germany. During production, special attention is paid to care andhigh qualityfor thelong-lasting userespected.

high-quality materials-


Thanks to the high quality of the non-toxic materials used, the special mesh structure and the extra reinforced hem, the doughter lasts significantly longer than other towels. All materials used are the sameOeko-Tex Standard 100.


Versatile uses


Suitable for all surfaces, whether plastic, chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, silicone, non-stick cookware, glass, crystal, porcelain or ceramic.The dough cleans gently and without scratching.


Easy cleaning in the dishwasher


The dough becomes Simply rinse under running water to clean. For a more effective result, the cleaning is done in thedishwasher recommended. Thanks to the special material and the network structurebad odors from bacteria don't stand a chance.


Sustainable and water-saving


When using the dough, you use significantly less water and achieve even better cleaning results.


You will receive 1x Teiger® dough cleaning cloth 30x30cm in grey.



"Teiger® " dough cleaning cloth

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