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who we are

Met at work and on the same wavelength.

Many private parallels and the same quality standards.

A common hobby became a passion and finally:

Also a company!



Everyone loves pizza! So do we, of course! When we ventured into this extensive and exciting hobby, we definitely wanted to make it more productive: This also gave rise to the desire to make our innovations accessible to other pizza lovers, which is why we are here now.

Andy - Chief Pizza Officer

The initial situation was the purchase of a gas pizza oven. Over time, various challenges emerged that were overcome with a lot of hard work, prototypes, test phases and feedback from our customers:The current and individual solution companions were created! I am firmly convinced that more new products will be added in the future.

Steffen - Chief Pizza Officer


Ever since we bought a pizza oven, we have constantly strived for improvement and dreamed of perfection.

This is exactly where we start:

We offer accessories to bake your perfect pizza on your gas grill or pizza oven.

​We not only want to support the happy owners of a pizza oven, but everyone who shares our passion to generate maximum success with as little effort as possible! 

Our commitment is simple - to enrich your home with stylish and functional products of the highest quality.

Stoovis offers a constantly growing range of accessories and tools that meet the needs of our customers.

To ensure our stocks are always up to date, we work with the best locksmiths and designers in our region. Once you've found what you're looking for, we guarantee you a hassle-free payment process and smooth delivery with personal support. Just take a look at our selection.

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