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our products solve different challenges:

Faster up

optimal temperature

Gas & time savings

Optimal heat distribution

100% stainless steel

That's how it comes to you!


That's it!

The heat shield ensures that your oven heats up significantly faster. We're basically talking about 50% less time! However, this depends on the outside temperature and wind.  The door also reduces the times for intermediate heating when baking several pizzas.  _22200000-0000 -0000-0000-000000000222_ With the shield, the heat in the oven is distributed evenly; you can now achieve almost identical temperatures at the front and back, which makes baking pizza much easier. The extension on which the door stands offers you more space to turn your pizza and even gives you the opportunity to park a finished pizza warm.

Time & gas savings!

The Stoovis Kit: heat shield and extension

For opening & intermediate heating!


Individual engraving

Fits perfectly


To use

The flame guard

The flame protection simply lives up to its name: it ensures that your dough is no longer directly exposed to the flames and prevents unsightly burnt spots on the edge of your pizza. The heat is also better directed and distributed onto the stone.

Better heat distribution

Enormous material strength

Simple installation

No burnt edge!

The grill kit

The grill kit makes you independent of other purchases such as beef or gas grill: if you don't have the space or the handling is too extensive, you can now prepare everything in your pizza oven! fried potatoes, lasagna, fish or meat, shish kebab skewers, baked vegetables, and and and. The grill kit has two temperature ranges when used: very hot at the back towards the flame and slightly cooler at the front towards the heat shield, so you can easily work and maneuver your grilled food. ​ The grill kit is perfectly combined with the crust maker: it fits perfectly in the drawers, the heat shield can be removed quickly and easily and you can keep your food warm. Offering many guests different culinary delicacies is now child's play! All you have to do is cook yourself :-) ​


Test @WattnBBQ


With matching flap

Serve endless variations!

One oven for everything!

The crust maker

The crust maker is our personal highlight: if you want to eat hot pizza with several people at the same time, this is your gadget! ​ The individual shelves are only heated by the waste heat from your oven and reach more than 100 degrees Celsius per compartment after just a few minutes. ​ Don't worry, your pizza won't get moist thanks to the ventilation, on the contrary, the base will be extra crispy. A wonderful alternative to the stove, as the crust maker does not require any additional energy source and sits directly on your oven.


Heat distribution

Adapted to your oven

Up to four drawers possible

Crispy & Warm

Finally eating together!

The crust maker 2.0

Crustmaker 2.0

Warm & Crispy pizza for everyone!



Can be used with fuel paste!

For indoor & outside

Regardless of the oven!


How to

The pizza plancha


Preparation without compromise

Self-contained & welded

Sanded on both sides

Also folded at the front for stabilization

Solid stainless steel

Huge work surface

Thats what our customers say

Alexa L. .

"Unreservedly recommended! From support to shipping to questions about assembly, everything is perfect! The heat shield is a real relief."
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