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Discover the essence of pizza preparation with our stainless steel flour mat! With a generous 50 x 58 cm and a solid thickness of 1.5mm, this essential tool offers all pizza lovers the perfect basis for successful dough preparation.


The base is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is brushed on both sides and has been edged all around. This all-round edge not only ensures a closed surface, but also prevents flour from being lost during dough preparation.


The downward front edge ensures that your pizaplancha holds perfectly on your individual surface!


The generous size provides enough space to spread and shape the dough with ease. The solid thickness gives you a stable work surface on which you can create your pizza creations to your heart's content.


The stainless steel flour base is not only functional, but also easy to clean. Their resistance to stains and odors allows you to experiment with different pizza doughs and toppings without restrictions.


No matter whether you are an experienced pizza maker or an aspiring beginner - this flour base will become your faithful companion in the kitchen. Prepare your pizza on a surface that is not only practical, but also a statement of style and quality.


Invest in the art of pizza making and take your cooking skills to a new level with our stainless steel flour mat. It is the perfect partner for anyone who wants to experience the joy of baking pizza in its purest form.


Enjoy every slice of pizza - from preparation to the last bite!

Pizza plancha

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