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-You already have one Crust makerfrom us?-


Here you get all the components to raise your stationary crust maker to the 2.0 level and operate it with fuel paste!


OurCrustmaker 2.0 keeps four pizzas warm, so from now on you can enjoy hot pizza together with up to four other people!


This set contains:

-Two long feet that keep the optimal distance from the fuel paste

-Two pads for the fuel paste to protect your surface

-One front and one back mount each to ensure sufficient stability

-Of course the screws you are missing and another Allen key


*Fire paste is available here, we do not recommend an explicit manufacturer but a specific size of container:




The assembly is very simple, you simply replace your existing feet and attach the front and back brackets.


Simply place the materials for the fuel paste under the crust maker and place the fuel paste on top.


The functionality is identical to the crust maker for the pizza oven!


Depending on the weather conditions, you will be able to measure temperatures of over 100 degrees in the first compartment after just 15 minutes, and around 20 degrees less for each subsequent compartment:


Perfect for preparing or keeping warm!


Width 32cm, depth 35cm, made entirely of A2 stainless steel.


Can be used externally from an oven, as an additional module or an electric variant, household oven for catering or or or...


Fuel paste is not part of the item and must be purchased separately.

Retrofit kit “The Crustmaker 2.0” - Can be used with fuel paste!

89,00 € Regular Price
79,00 €Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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