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Look forward to the ultimate upgrade for your Santos O-160!


Discover our exclusive set: With an extension to keep your pizza warmer for longer and a smart heat flap for lightning-fast heating.


Immerse yourself in the world of your optimized pizza oven: The Stoovis kit, the stainless steel heat flap with extension and practical bracket - all without complicated modifications or annoying screws.


Our set adapts perfectly to your oven, can be removed without leaving a trace and significantly reduces heating times. This not only means more efficient use, but also noticeable savings in your gas consumption.


-Up to 50% less time to reach the desired temperature!


Peace of mind included, thanks to optimal ventilation for a constant, fresh exchange of air.


The extension not only offers additional space, but also keeps your delicious pizza nice and warm.

Everything is delivered stylishly to your home in a pizza box.


Quality that convinces:

- Heat flap made of robust 1.5 mm VA2 stainless steel - Extension made of sturdy 2.5 mm VA2 stainless steel - Handle made of heat-resistant thermoset - Made in Germany


Make your set personal! Let us engrave your desired name - just note it in the notes. If you let us choose, we will use your billing address information.


Each engraved extension is unique and made specifically for you. Therefore it cannot be exchanged.


Although we take the utmost care to ensure adequate ventilation, there is currently no official approval from the oven manufacturer. But that doesn't mean you have to forego the brilliant upgrade - just use it on your own responsibility and at your own risk.


Enjoy your pizza experiences to the fullest, but remember: your Stoovis kit will get really hot! So stay careful when operating your oven and always keep an eye on it.


Give your oven and your taste buds a treat – get the innovative upgrade now for an even better pizza experience!


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Heat shield and extension "Santos O-160"

PriceFrom €119.00
Sales Tax Included
  • We would be happy to engrave your extension and make it as individual as you wish!

    Simply select “With engraving” and write your desired text in the box.

    If you choose “without engraving”, the contents of the box will not be taken into account, regardless of whether you have written anything in it.

  • Performance video of our heat shield

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