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Brand new from the "Stoovis" forge!


Our extension kit  keeps two more pizzas warm, from now on you can enjoy hot pizza together with up to four other people!


The prerequisite for this is the starter kit!


  This extension kit does not contain a lid or feet and is only an extension of the starter kit .


The construction is very simple, the side walls are connected and fixed with the supplied stainless steel screws, 

Each drawer fits modularly into the next, as does the lid.


The extension kit  consists of two drawers and the appropriate screws,  100% made of stainless steel.


Depending on the length of time your oven has been running, you will be able to measure temperatures of over 100 degrees in the first compartment after just 15 minutes, and each other about 20 degrees less:


Perfect for preparing or keeping warm!


Width 32cm, depth 40cm, made entirely of A2 stainless steel. Identical for each oven, only the feet are adapted to the respective oven.


This extension kit  is the extension for our  Starter kit , we recommend a maximum of four drawers for the best heat recovery.


The heat shield and extension are not included and must be purchased separately.

"The Crustmaker" extension kit

129,00 € Regular Price
119,00 €Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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